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Mperfect has been creating a plethora of visuals; logos, layouts, flyers, posters, album covers, illustrations, collages, invitations, and lots of other randomness for nearly 15 years. 

mperfect role

We do it all, or at least know someone who can. 



HEre's a list of things we make

Brands, Logos, Illustration, Packaging, Signage, Publication Design & Coordination, Infographics, Brochures, Interior Layouts, Screen Printing, Postcards, Posters, Album Artwork, Business Cards & Envelopes & Stationery & Other Collateral Materials Mix-Tapes, Billboards & Vehicle Wraps, Wedding Invites, Restaurant Soundtracks, T-Shirt Designs, Dinner & Drink Menus, Wallpaper, Book Covers, Pancakes.

HEre's a list of some past & present clients

Please & Thank You, Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company, The Silver Dollar, KMAC Museum, Good Folks Coffee, RYE on Market, Leonard Brush & Chemical, Louisville Music Awards, Climb Nulu, Hell or High Water, Sterling Thompson Company, ETK Travels, Foxhollow Farm, Speed Art Museum, Bejeezus Magazine, 732 Social, The Green Building, Decca, St. Francis School, The City of Louisville, Hosparus Health, Lox, El Camino, MESH Coalition, Festival of Faiths, Kentucky School of Art, Louisville Magazine, ReVive & Bays Boutique, Feast BBQ, WHY Louisville, Nulu Neighborhood, Discogs, Gelato Gilberto, Kentuckians for the Arts, Stitzel-Weller, Louisville Independent Business Alliance, and many others.

Jason Pierce

Jason PIerce
Principal. Designer. Art Director. 

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Megan Mraz

Megan Mraz
Designer. Illustrator. Coordinator. 

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Michael Trager-Kusman

Michael Trager-kusman
Partner. Account manager. 

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